How to customize your Shop Home Basics Travel Mug

October 02, 2020

How to customize your Shop Home Basics Travel Mug - Shop Home Basics

Step 1: 

Choose your favorite Home Basics Travel Bottle or Mug 


Home Basics Hydration

Step 2: 

Create & upload your design to the Cricut studio or similar software. Clean up your design as needed


Step 3: 

Clean and dry your Home Basics Travel Mug to prepare for application

Shop Scrub Brushes


Step 4: 

Select your favorite permanent vinyl color and cut your design using your crafting machine.


Step 5: 

Apply your decal using transfer tape. Use a credit card to press down the vinyl, and smooth out your design.

Step 6: 

Smooth out any remaining air bubbles, and then you are ready for use!



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Written By Samantha M. Chase 

Home Basics Staff 


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