Refresh for Less Home Décor tips

October 09, 2020

Refresh for Less Home Décor tips - Shop Home Basics

6 Easy tips to help you refresh your home


 1. Floating Shelves

Home Basics Floating shelves require less space than traditional shelving, they are easy to install and have a clean look when finished. Your walls will look less cluttered and overloaded than with other shelving units. The extra space around the floating shelves creates a lighter and airier ambiance, ESPECIALLY in small spaces. Adorn with your favorite eye-catching treasures and proudly display them for all your guests. 


2. Picture Frames

Picture frames help us preserve our favorite photos from wear and tear. Adding one is a great way to help brighten up your desk, or shelves. Big news though - we can use picture frames for more than just family photos! Create a collage or focus wall using different size Home Basics frames. Its a picture perfect selfie wall (all puns intended). 


3. Dishes on Display

Create a masterpiece with the dishes you so carefully picked out. Why spend time picking out the perfect pattern, color, or look, just to put it in a closet? Use Home Basics Helper Shelves, and Dish Holders to construct a picture-perfect display.



4. Basket Displays

Use baskets for more than just storage. Organize and display common items, in a tasteful way by incorporating trendy Home Basics baskets into your home. Instead of filling your drawers with towels and washcloths, display them!


5. Decorative Storage 

Adding decorative storage has two purposes. First, Adding a new piece of furniture can breathe fresh air into a stale room and give it a completely new feel. It also provides a place to store items that are creating clutter throughout the room and allow you to become more organized!


6.Clothespins for the win

Going for a farmhouse look? Adding clothespins in unexpected places can add a farm-fresh feel. Twine and a few well placed clothespins make a beautiful accent piece. If you are feeling more adventurous you can use them to make elaborate crafts at a low cost!  




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Written By Samantha M. Chase 

Home Basics Staff 

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