Cookies for Santa (printable template)

December 16, 2020

Cookies for Santa (printable template) - Shop Home Basics


Create something special, that you can treasure for years to come with your family this holiday season. Christmas Eve just wouldn't be the same with out making sure Santa has some tasty treats to keep him going all night. I remember that nothing was more exciting or important for me than making sure I picked the perfect cookies for the big man himself. Passing down traditions is part of what makes the Holiday Season so special. Create your own one of kind treat plate for Santa with some of our helpful tips and Home Basics Products. 


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We have created a customizable print out to help get you started 
(You can use it with a crafting machine, or simply print & cut)





A plate for cookies does not have to be limited to a plate! We have complied some fun alternatives too! 


Serving Trays




Cutting Boards




 Merry Christmas from your friends at Shop Home Basics! 





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Written By Samantha M. Chase 

Home Basics Staff 

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