Top Craft Ready Housewares Items

November 10, 2020

Top Craft Ready Housewares Items - Shop Home Basics

Looking for great items for your next crafting project? 

Want to create custom gifts for your friends and family? 


Do you look at every blank item and think about all the wonderful things you could make with it? If the answer is yes - this is for you!

Not only does Home Basics make quality items you can count on, but we also have a plethora of items WAITING to be personalized.

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Home Basics Bamboo Coasters

Bamboo Coasters                                     Ceramic Dishes



Bamboo Cutting Board                                Glass Mug



Frosted Glass Cutting Board                 Marble Cutting Board                     


 Home Basics Travel Mug

 Stainless Steel Travel Bottle                           Travel Mugs


Home Basics Bath ensemblesHome Basics Side Table

 Home Basics Bath Set                               Home Basics Side Table






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Written By Samantha M. Chase 

Home Basics Staff