8 Simple Tips to help Organize your Craft Room

October 09, 2020

8 Simple Tips to help Organize your Craft Room - Shop Home Basics

We always focus on Spring cleaning.. but what about Fall?

The Holidays are coming and there's no better time to declutter and get organized!

Having trouble organizing your craft supplies, or still adjusting to working from home? We have some savvy saving organizational tools and tips.


1. Organizing fabrics 

These hangers are great for more than just pants! Use them to effortlessly organize fabrics, table cloths, and so much more.  The foam coated rods help prevent pulling, and the swinging arm allows you to easily select what you need without disturbing what you don't!


 Great idea, I need them!

2. Under utilized Under- the - Bed storage

Organize more than just shoes with this under the bed storage solution.  It is the perfect size for Home Basics Travel Bottles just waiting to be personalized!


Under the bed storage 


3. Dividing your drawers

Stop fumbling around your drawers trying to find your stuff. Putting it away is good but only half the battle. Create the perfect storage space for all of your supplies with a drawer partition. Adjustable to fit your needs (and your drawers).


Shop all drawer dividers


4. Organizing your tools, pens.. and buttons? 

Organize more than just make-up! Not only does the top hold all of your markers, tools, etc. but you can also store small items like beads in the bottle drawers so they don't get lost.


I NEEED this one! 

Let me see ALL the make-up organizers


5. I want my tools and pens out of sight

If you don't want to proudly display your markers or pens, we have solutions for that too. You can use cutlery trays for more than your forks. Check out our selection of functional cutlery trays


6. Extra ribbons, fabric fragments 

Did you cut too much ribbon, or have a left over fabric piece that you don't want to part with? The crafters mind constantly says... "I can use this later". Instead of cluttering your room with scraps, and fabric fragments put them into a glass canister and create a shelve worthy piece that's pretty and functional! 





Don't limit yourself to fabric.. You can use one of our canister sets to store anything! 



7. T-shirt time

T-Shirt makers delight! Finally, a place to organize everything you need to make that one of a kind T. Not only can you get your ironing board out of the corner but you can also store your protective spray, transfer paper, etc. right behind your door.


This is just what I needed!


8. Shipping station 

Whether you are running your own business or simply sending crafts to family and friends, you need this organizer. Its sturdy bamboo construction is not only attractive but it's SO FUNCTIONAL! 3 shelves and 3 key hooks, 1 way to ensure never forget to send a package again. Get yours here!



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Written By Samantha M. Chase 

Home Basics Staff