Home Basics Has You Covered With Holiday Baking Essentials

Home Basics Has You Covered With Holiday Baking Essentials

With the holiday season ringing in sight, it’s time to start baking all the yummy treats that come along with this time of year.  Home Basics has you covered with all the essential tools needed to help you prepare and display your baked goodies to accompany you at your next holiday party.  Our expert, Giselle, has picked some of her favorite items to make your holiday baking a hit!

For starters, any baking is going to need the necessary tools to help prepare your treats.  We have baking sets that include spatulas, tongs, whisks, brushes, and more.  These sets are made from silicone, which is soft and gentle on mixing bowls and does not create any unwanted scratches. 

4 Piece Silicone Kitchen Starter Tool Set

Eye-balling your ingredients is a huge no-ho!  Use one of our complex sets of measuring cups and spoons to get accurate measurements of your dry and wet ingredients so that your treats don’t turn into coal.   Mix all the goods together with our complete selection of mixing bowls that have tall walls for keeping your batter in place, and they feature pour spouts at the top for clean dispensing. 

 3 Qt. Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl with Measurements, Non-Skid Bottom, Handle and Pour Spout


For baking those decadent cakes, we have springform pans that are perfect for creating tiered masterpieces.  Our pans have latches for secure seals, which will allow for mess-free baking and convenient releasing afterwards.  If you plan on taking the simple cake route, we have standard steel and silicone loaf pans for making standard pumpkin bread or a yummy hot chocolate marble pound cake.  But you can never go wrong with a Bundt cake; simple and stunning.  We have a silicone fluted baking pan that is non-stick for easy release.  Whatever route you decide to take, Home Basics has everything you need for that flawless cake centerpiece, whether it is simple or fancy.  

 Silicone Loaf Pan

Home Basics Silicone Loaf Pan

A can’t-miss holiday factor is all the decorative cookies, and we have several different cookie trays for baking your cookies.  These pans come in a dark color that speeds up baking times and their steel construction ensures that your goodies are cooked evenly.  Created with safety in mind, our wide cookie sheets have handles to hold onto transferring the sheets in and out of the oven.  If you do not feel like going through the hassle of cleaning your cookie sheets, you can opt for a silicone baking sheet to put on your pan so that your pan does not get dirty from baking, and one of the sheets even has circle indicators that tell you where to put your dough for perfectly spaced cookies.  Home Basics has the tools you need to make picture-perfect cookies that will be pleasers for even Santa. 

 3 Piece Non-Stick Cookie Sheet Set

When hosting a holiday party, you must make sure that your creations are displayed beautifully and elegantly (so that your guests can take constant pics of them!).  We have table risers that have smooth marble surfaces that can showcase your cookies, cakes, or other baked treats.  They look great on any kind of table, with natural colors that go well with any surrounding décor.  But if you must leave your home to go to another gathering and you are bringing a cake that has all the works, we have specific cake keepers that will keep everything intact and prevents your cake from going into grinch territory. 


Make a winter wonderland out of your treats, with the help of our baking essentials.  Home Basics has you covered in providing you with the tools to create delicious holiday masterpieces.

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