How To Organize Your Closet - A Step By Step Guide

How To Organize Your Closet - A Step By Step Guide



Well organized closets are the key to running your household smoothly. 

Bold claim, I know. Let me explain.


Whether your space is organized and functional or cluttered and chaotic, it will set the tone for how the rest of your day will go. 

Getting yourself ready to face the day amidst disorder can make your morning an absolute nightmare. A chaotic morning can lead to a frantic afternoon, which gives way to a rushed evening. The next morning you start again in your tornado of a closet and the cycle continues, spilling out into other areas of your home. Let’s change that.


The objective is an organized and functional space. 

You can tackle your wardrobe disarray in an hour or two and here’s how - 


 Don't be her ^


The first step is to declutter.

Take every item out of your closet. 

You’re going to need some room for this (I promise you’ve got more packed in there than you think). Make sure your bed and surrounding floor are cleared to make space to put it all.


Next, remove anything that doesn’t belong in your closet and put it away. 

It’s so easy for a disorganized space to become a catch-all for miscellaneous items. That thing you’ve been meaning to return or the rogue box of charging cables that don’t really belong to anything shouldn’t be in there. 


It’s time to decide which items you no longer wear or need.

On your first pass over, follow Marie Kondo’s advice - If it doesn’t “spark joy” it’s gotta go. Thank your old running shoes for their service and send them on their way. 

Make a “donate” pile or a “sell” pile for the things that are still in good condition, and a “throw away” pile for anything that’s damaged or stained. 

This step is about eliminating what you don’t need and reducing the number of items you have in your closet, so try to keep that in mind if you find yourself agonizing over a sweater you haven’t worn in 3 years. We’re making space for the things you love to wear. 


Now that you’ve gotten rid of some things, sort the rest by category.

Tops, bottoms, pants, dresses, shoes, etc. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can take it a step further and separate from there into work clothes, casual, and special occasion items. 


Before you put everything back in, take a look at your hangers. Any closet instantly looks and feels more put-together with uniform hangers. Ones with clips are ideal for skirts and pants. Velvet hangers are typically slimmer to conserve space and their texture does a good job of keeping clothing from slipping off. Additionally, Hangers for belts or scarves go a long way in finding a home for every item.


Finally, consider rearranging the layout of your closet to make it more functional. For example, you could hang the clothing you wear most often towards the front of your closet or at eye level. Decide what needs to be hung and what can be folded. 


 Neatly fold everything so it's visible and accessible!


Invest in closet organizers. It’s important to have a defined space for everything to live once you put it all back in the closet. A hanging shelf with sections for folded t-shirts or jeans can free up dresser space and give you a better visual of what you’ve got. This makes picking an outfit in the morning stress-free. 

 Free up some dresser space with a fabric shelf for folded items


Garment bags and storage boxes can be helpful for storing seasonal clothing and leave more space for what you need now. Containers with clear tops and sides are game changers so you’re never guessing at what’s inside. 


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I hope that these simple steps were helpful in turning your closet frustrations into #closetgoals!

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