Jazz up Cleaning

January 22, 2021

Jazz up Cleaning

You’ve probably heard the saying, new year, new you, but what about new year, new cleaning supplies? The start of a new year is the perfect time to get your home cleaned and organized. There are countless benefits to having a clean house. Most notably, fewer germs and dust built up on surfaces mean you’re less likely to get sick. But a clean home can also be more relaxing, reduce stress, and make spending time there more enjoyable. Especially after this last year, it’s more important than ever to have a home that you enjoy spending time in.

What better way to motivate yourself to clean then with some new cleaning supplies? At Home Basics, we think that your cleaning supplies don’t need to be as boring as the task at hand. We carry a variety of cleaning products in unique colors, like hot pink and lime green, and our latest collection is a fun grey chevron pattern. The chevron pattern allows you to make a statement while also having incredibly high quality, durable, and affordable cleaning products. The new collection has almost every cleaning product you could need to keep your house clean and organized in 2021, including a dustpan, scrub brush, dish brush, microfiber scrubber, sweeper set, step stool, and plunger. These products have all been thoughtfully designed. They have ergonomic rubber handles that provide comfort and control even when your hands are wet and a hanging hole to make for easier storage and air drying. The dish and scrub brushes have powerful bristles that eliminate stubborn baked-on grease and grime on the toughest surfaces and are also gentle enough to use on non-stick surfaces. Additionally, the collection features a few different styles of brooms and mops available to cover all your needs and preferences. The multiple push brooms have highly durable and powerful bristles that stand up after prolonged use and don’t easily deform. There are three different mops, a twist mop, an extending mop, and a wet mop. While each of these mop types can be used on any kind of floor, including wood, tile, and marble, the different mops offer unique features. The wet mop has highly absorbent and durable cotton strands that cling to dust, hair, and dirt, making cleaning simple. The twist mop uses chenille, an ultra-soft material perfect for removing stuck-on stains. The extending mop, also made using chenille, is a very different shape than the twist mop and features a rotating cleaning head to help you reach even the toughest corners.


Sweep Before You Mop

Before you start mopping, no matter what type of mop you’re using, it’s important to sweep. Sweeping will pick up all the dust and debris on your floors so that they don’t get caught in the mop and moved around the room or, worse, into the bucket of soapy water.

When you mop, it’s also vital to move in a systematic way. A popular method when using a twist or wet mop is to outline an area or the entire room with the mop and then using a figure-eight motion. This motion keeps the mop head moving continually, which means that the dirt and grime you’ve picked up won’t come off the mop. Going straight across the floor back and forth, unless using a mop shaped like our extending mop, can cause what you’ve just picked up to come off the mop every time there is a sharp change in direction.


Clean the Whole House, Not Just One Room

The most efficient way to clean your home is to pick one task like mopping, vacuuming, or dusting and do this in every room rather than just focusing on one room at a time.  Additionally, this can make cleaning feel less monotonous and also help you to see more noticeable changes throughout the house to keep your motivation high.


Keep Your Cleaning Supplies in a Caddy

Keeping all your cleaning supplies and tools in an easy to carry caddy, bucket, or alternative carrying case makes it easier to bring everything with you as you move throughout your home. Home Basics carries a number of products such as buckets or organizational baskets that could easily serve as a carrying container for your cleaning supplies and smaller tools. Keeping everything in one place also makes it easier to find and keeps your cleaning closet or cupboard more organized.


Don’t Forget About the Smaller Areas

When you’re cleaning, it’s easy to miss small high traffic areas like faucets, sinks, or a toothbrush holder, all of which happen to be some of the germiest things in your home. Many of these areas are also not the easiest to clean, given their size, shape, or typical location. In addition to using one of the many tools available in our new grey chevron collection, using an old toothbrush can be a highly effective way to clean small areas and ensure you get every inch of it.


Keep Your Cleaning Supplies Clean

If you’ve never taken the time to clean your cleaning products and tools, you’re not alone. Most people don’t think to do this regularly, but it’s an essential part of keeping your home clean. This will help you to guarantee that you aren’t just continuing to spread dust and dirt around your home as well as extend the life of your tools and make them more effective.

Most of the products in the grey chevron collection, as well as many of our other products, can be cleaned with a simple hand wash using soapy water or cleaning products you already have on hand. For products with stiff bristles, like a broom or scrub brush, make sure to pick the hairs, dust, and debris out of the bristles before washing so they don’t get stuck.