Road Trip Anyone?

April 28, 2021

Road Trip Anyone?
Keeping the car can be a hard task but we have you covered. Spring and summer are the perfect time to make memories and visit a few new places. Whether you are day-tripping or setting for a cross country adventure below are some great tips to help keep everyone having a good time.
1. Where are my keys?
Let's get everything off to a great start with answering that time old question "Where are my keys?" Set up a key station by your door to keep keys close at hand. Great year round for mail, notes and so much more!
2. Make Travel Kits
Personalize a kit for each person on the trip or keep essentials in easy reach. First aid, markers, crafts, pens and paper and don't forget those snacks!
3. Storage Bins - Go A Long Way!
Stash books, magazines and coloring books between seats in your collapsible storage cubes. Staying the night at a pit stop? No problem, easily grab and go your bin to the hotel room for the kiddos to keep busy while you are unpacking.
4. Clean Up As You Go
A small trash can will keep your seats and carpets from needing a complete detail job after those road trips. Try one of our slim fit cans between seats.