The Best College Dorm Essentials-Home Basics Edition

August 17, 2022

The Best College Dorm Essentials-Home Basics Edition


Whether you are in your first or last year of college, moving into your college dorm can always be quite hectic, from buying everything you need, packing, then transferring everything into your dorm.  Well Home Basics is here to help decide what items you need, from bathroom, to storage options, and more.  We selected our best items to last you through your busy year of college, with a variety of items that are great for the biggest and most miniscule of dorm rooms.

Essential Storage

Any kind of dorm is going to need that basic essential storage.  This includes putting away your books, notepads, pillows, blankets, cleaning supplies, and more.  We have two options for storage, from open to discreet.  If you want open storage to get easy access to your everyday textbooks, notepads, and tech, then go with this Home Basics Herring Weave Collapsible Storage Bin with Grommet Handle.  This cubby storage bin is made from durable, nonwoven material, with an open top to easily access what you need.  And there is a strong handle on the side of the bin to help you carry or pull from a shelf.   With a fun design as well, this storage bin can provide style along with functionality in your dorm. 

Home Basics Herring Weave Collapsible Storage Bin with Grommet Handle

But if you aim for more discreet storage to take advantage of your limited space, then it would be best to go with this Home Basics 45L Under The Bed Storage Box.  With a wide yet thin rectangular shape, you can use it to put away towels, extra blankets, or any other items that are off-season.  Wheels are located at the bottom of the under the bed storage box for easy access, with dual openings at the top.  Depending on the storage you need, our unique storage boxes will help prevent unwanted clutter in any sized dorm.   

 Home Basics 45 Liter Under The Bed Storage Box

Apparel Storage

Your future dorm room is going to need the space for daily clothes and accessories such as jackets, shirts, pants, wet towels, scarves, and even bags.  If you want to achieve double the hanging space, then go with this Home Basics Chrome Plated Steel Over the Door 6 Double Hook Hanging Rack.  This over the door hanger is perfect for especially the bathroom door, where you can hang wet towels, bags, scarves, or use it to plan your outfit for the next day.  With plenty of hooks, you can use for yourself, or share the plentiful space with your roommates. 

Over the door hook rack

But if you need to properly hang a suit jacket for a formal, or your best button-down or dress to give a speech in class, then use these Home Basics 20 Piece Plastic Hangers to help.  Their contoured shape securely holds onto your clothes, with interior hooks for holding onto more strappy clothes.  Best of all, these plastic hangers have a thin yet tubular design that does not take up a lot of closet space.  Keep these hangers all to yourself, or you can share the 20 of them with your other roommates. 

Home Basics 20 Piece Plastic Hangers, Black

And for your abundance of shoes, instead of keeping them scattered on your floor, keep them all together and near the door with this Home Basics Cushioned Storage Bench with 2 Tier Steel Shoe Rack.  This shoe bench holds up to six pairs of shoes, with an added cushion seat for a cozy sitting place to help you put your shoes on.  With a variety of storage options for your collection of apparel and more, Home Basics provides you with the best options for your daily items.



Either you will be lucky enough to get a personal bathroom in your dorm, or there is always the scenario where you must use the community bathroom all the way down the hall.  If you are one of those people that have to venture far away to the bathroom, then carry all of your bathroom necessities efficiently with this Home Basics Plastic Shower Tote With Handle.  This shower caddy tote has dual spacious compartments that are ventilated, with a handle at the top for carrying it to the bathroom.  

Home Basics Plastic Shower Tote With Handle, Turquoise

But if you are one of the few lucky people to have a bathroom in your dorm, then get yourself a fully functional caddy by using this Home Basics 2 Tier Aluminum Shower Caddy with Lower Hooks and Soap Tray.  This caddy attaches right on your shower head with a lower suction cup that adheres to any kind of wall.  With two wide compartments and a soap tray, it is plenty of room to put your essentials plus some of your roommate’s as well.  And additional hooks are provided below for hanging your loofahs and small towels.  Regardless of what your bathroom situation entails, we have items that will help keep all your important items neatly together.

Home Basics 2 Tier Aluminum Shower Caddy with Lower Hooks and Soap Tray


You are most likely not going to have a washer/dryer in your room.  But if you need to transfer all your clothes to the washer/dryer room that is located all the way on the bottom level of your building, then use this Home Basics Mesh Laundry Bag.  It holds up to two loads of your laundry, with a handle that allows you to drag the bag as you are going down the stairs without lifting it too much.  Toss away that standard laundry basket and go with this portable option for transferring all your dirty items.

Home Basics Mesh Laundry Bag in Yellow, Green, Purple, Pink

Miscellaneous Items

Every dorm needs those other essentials, even when you think you may not need them.  A great example would be when you want to do reading or laptop work in bed and not at your desk.  This Home Basics Lap Desk with Cushioned Back is the perfect solution for studying or writing a paper, all while being comfy and cozy.  And as you are using this lap desk, it has a built-in media slot for you to prop your phone to view any upcoming notifications. 

Home Basics Lap Desk with Cushioned Back, Cherry

Also, if you are looking for the perfect desk companion to hold your phone, USBs, earbuds, and more, then this Home Basics Large Bamboo Charging Station will keep all those items in check.  This charging stand has three levels of storage, plus it has a simple design that goes well in any type of dorm. 

Home Basics Large Bamboo Charging Station, Natural

And if you have no access to a full-length mirror when you want to put makeup on, style your hair, or take a quick glance, especially when your roommates are hogging the bathroom, then this Home Basics Double Sided Tabletop and Countertop Mirror with Transparent Plastic Frame is perfect for helping you look your best.  This cosmetic mirror can simply go on your desk, offering two sides, which includes a standard 1x magnification to view your entire face and a 2x magnification for a more up-close and precise view.  Home Basics is here for a solution for those random organizational or personal needs that you may run into. 

Home Basics Double Sided Tabletop and Countertop Mirror with Transparent Plastic Frame, Clear

Moving back to school can be a hassle, but Home Basics has you covered.  From a variety of essential to storage items that we offer, make the most of the upcoming school year with our selection of the best items for your future college dorm.

Giselle Tergevorkian