Top 5 Cleaning Faux Pas (and how to correct them)

September 25, 2020

Top 5 Cleaning Faux Pas (and how to correct them) - Shop Home Basics

Keeping our home clean and our families safe go hand and hand. We compiled a list of 5 common cleaning mistakes, and how to correct them.

Don't worry, we have all been guilty of these but #shophomebasicshasyoucovered 


1.Neglecting touch points

The Mistake: Faucets and doorknobs are some of the most-touched areas in your home, which is why they're also the germiest, and most neglected when it comes to cleaning.


The Solution: Include your faucets and handles in your normal cleaning routine. Make sure to use disinfectant!


2. Applying cleaning solution

The Mistake: Most of us spray our cleaning solutions directly on to a surface, and then wipe it up. This actually leaves behind a thick residue which will ATTRACT more dust!

The Solution: Spray the cleaner on to a cloth, like the Home Basics Microfiber towel, before cleaning the surface.


3. Forgetting the window sill

The Mistake: Not dusting your window sill before washing the window! You'll wind up causing more work for yourself, as the dust/window cleaner goopy combo starts to form. 

Home Basics Microfiber cloth


The Solution: Use a Home Basics Microfiber cloth to attract and hold the dust from the window sill before spraying the window with cleaner. You can also try our 3 in 1 window cleaner with microfiber cloth included!


4. Ignoring our most used items

The Mistake: Forgetting items like remotes, or tooth brush holders. We touch these items everyday and rarely think to clean or sanitize them.


The Solution: Wash your toothbrush holders right in the dishwasher, and use disinfectant spray for items that can't be submerged in water.

If you realize your tooth brush holder is beyond help, you can always get a new one from us!


5. Not cleaning often enough

The Mistake: Putting off all of your cleaning, and turning it into a full day event. Not only does avoiding the mess stress you out, but you will work yourself into a cleaning exhaustion!


The Solution: Taking a few minutes out of your day to straighten up will help prevent you from an all day cleaning overhaul and save some time on the weekends for RELAXATION! (Click here to see some of our favorite Drink recipes)




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Written By Samantha M. Chase 

Home Basics Staff