Gentle Clean Multi-Purpose Kitchen Double Sided Silicone Scrubbers, (Pack of 2), Multi Color


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Ditch those dirt catching sponges and remove stains and dirt gently with this set of scrubbing pads. Made of high-strength and hygienic silicone, they are perfect for cleaning the light grime off dirty dishes to removing pet hair off furniture, bedding and clothes. With hundreds of dense silicone bristle along both sides, they easily clean surfaces without causing any scratches. These powerful yet gentle cleaning scrubbers are safe for cleaning non-stick to enamel kitchenware and cookware. It’s a perfect alternative to cotton dish clothes that easily break, as these sponges are made of durable silicone and will retain its shape no matter how you stretch it. Extremely flexible, you can easily bend and squeeze the sponges to easily clean into crevices, nooks and crannies. Aside from cleaning up spills and tackling baked on grease and stubborn stains, these durable scrubbers work double duty as a stylish beverage coaster. If you won’t to keep your tables protected from scratches and unsightly drink rings, simply slide these coasters underneath your cup. These coasters will save you from using tons of excess paper towels. The upper end of the sponges feature a convenient loop that allows you to hang the damp sponges to drip dry when finished using. Wash the scrubbers with mild soap and rinse with warm water. If you’re tired of traditional dish sponges that have short life spans need to be constantly replaced look no further than these silicone sponges.

  • ULTRA DURABLE: With hundreds of durable Silicone bristles on both sides, they won't deform
  • SAFE ON ALL TYPES OF COOKWARE: This set of scrubbing pads feature soft and tiny bristles that eliminate dirt without scratching the delicate surfaces of all types of cookware and bake ware including non-stick and enamel
  • HANGING LOOP FOR EASY STORAGE: Integrated hanging loop allows for storage on a kitchen rack or hook when not in use
  • DUAL SIDED SILICONE: Double Sided silicone allows you to clean multiple surfaces
  • MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS: Great as a kitchen scrubber, dish washing sponge, make up cleaning brush
  • FLEXIBLE MATERIAL WITH SOFT BRISTLES: Flexible material makes it easy to reach corners and tight crevices for a through clean
  • SANITARY THAN TRADITIONAL SPONGES Unlike traditional sponges that easily harbor bacteria and germs, this eco-friendly friendly alternative rings clean and does not harbor any smells
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