Trellis Collection Small Tin Canister, Turquoise


$23.49 USD

Tired of air and moisture ruining the rich flavor of all your favorite dried snacks and ingredients. Looking for a stylish vessel to keep everything neatly preserved? Look no further than this small tin canister with a robust tin construction built to last the use and abuse of bustling kitchen, coupled with a vibrant turquoise hue to amp up the kitchen ambiance with a touch of color. Its compact sized fits neatly on the counter, keeping clutter at bay. Use it to keep your coffee grounds and flour from reaching stale status. Have it on your desk to have your utensil and supplies at the ready. Or keep it in the garage to store your small tools and hardware. Made of rigid tin, it keeps it from bumps and scratches, while the enamel finish resists staining.

  • NEATLY STORES & KEEPS FOOD FRESH: Whether store bought or homemade, this bin offers ample storage to accommodate both. It's perfect keeping your supply of coffee grinds, sugar and flour from becoming stale. Unlike air-tight lids that promote moisture and increase humidity levels, the top of the bin allows air to move freely further preventing food from becoming moldy and moist.
  • CONTROLS THE CRAZY COUNTER CLUTTER: Laying out those bread rolls and loaves gives off a messy look. This bin tucks away your favorite foods neatly away.
  • CLEVER STORAGE: Because of its neutral design, it does double duty as a multi-purpose storage container. Place it in the garage and load it up with your most frequently used hardware or tools. Or keep it in the kitchen to have your stash of utensils on hand for the next meal prep.
  • DESIGNED TO LOVE AND LAST: The heavy duty tin design is geared to withstand the wear and tear every day use in the kitchen. Because of its durable tin construction, it won’t chip or dent easily even if accidentally dropped.
  • Size: 4.75" x 4.75" x 5.50", Item weight: .650 lb
  • VINTAGE STYLE WITH A VIBRANT SPLASH OF COLOR: If your kitchen is up for a style update look no further than this turquoise colored tin canister with chic cross-hatched pattern to amp up the ambiance with a cheerful touch.
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